Electric Operating Table


Electric Operating Table

VITALIFE® ET-800 Electric Operating Table

Functions Features

  • ET-800 electric operating table is designed for wide variety of surgical operations, including general operation, obstetrics, urology, ENT, etc.
  • Longitudinal slide up to 310mm for free access to C-arm without repositioning the patient.
  • Extreme weight load capacity of 350 kg with highest safety and stability.
  • Modular design tabletop tailored for various surgical discipline needs.
    The Easy click new mounting point enables the table adapted to wide variety of surgery and patients, height.
  • Memory pad with antistatic, waterproof design.
  • Standard override panel control makes the control safer.
  • Maximum and minimum heights of the ET800, for comfortable working, both seated and standing.

  • Model ET800
  • length  ≥2100mm
  • Width  550mm
  • Tabletop lowest height  ≤550mm
  • Elevation range ≥500mm


  • Arm rest, 1 pair
  • Leg rest, 1 pair
  • Anesthesia screen, 1 pc
  • Body strap, 1 pc
  • Shoulder support, 1 pair
  • Side support, 1 pair
General Surgery
Optional Position Mattress, Leg Support, Waste Basin
Lateral Lying Position For Chest Kidney, Cholecyst Surgery
E.N.T. Operation Position
Anorectum Operation Position
Optional Lateral Arm Support

VITALIFE® ET-500 Electric Operating Table

Functions Features

  • Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, ET500 comes with intelligent automatic control system satisfying various demands of general surgeries. Extra wide tabletop, extreme loading system, long horizontal sliding that can be suitable for both X-ray and C-arm. ET500 is an ideal electric operating table.


  • Model ET500
  • length  ≥2100mm
  • Width  550mm
  • Tabletop lowest height  ≤700mm
  • Elevation range ≥300mm


Tabletop trendelenburg:

  •  Reverse Trendelenburg
  •  Trendelenburg

Lateral Tilt (Left And Right)

  •  Head plate:
  •  Up
  •  Down
  •  Flexible

Back plate:

  •  Up
  •  Down

Leg plate:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Outward

Kidney Bridge Up

Horizontal sliding