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Infant Transport Incubator Series





Function Features

  • Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer.
  • Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance.
  • Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately.
  • Double wall hood with side door so that the bassinet can be pulled out from it.
  • Natural air flow humidity.
  • The height of whole unit can be adjusted.
  • Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen supply system.
  • Observation lamp, adjustable brightness.

Technical Data

  • Power supply : 110/220V  60/50Hz.
  • Power input : 450VA.

Operating Conditions

  • Environment temperature: 10°C~30°C.
  • Environment relative humidity: 30%~75%RH.
  • Environment air velocity of flow: <1m/s.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 700h Pa~1060h Pa
  • Air Temperature control range: 25°C~38°C.
  • Skin temperature control range: 32°C~37.5°C.
  • Air/Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ± 0. 3°C .
  • Temperature fluctuation: +1°C.
  • Uniformity of mattress temperature: ≤1.5°C.
  • Air temperature deviation alarm: ± 3.0°C.
  • Skin temperature deviation alarm: ± 1.0°C.
  • Warm-up time: ≤40 min.
  • Internal noise level: ≤60 dB (A).
  • Main battery: DC12V 40AH,Li-ion battery.
  • Charge time: 12 hours.
  • Battery use time: 2 hours.
  • Auxiliary battery: DC8.4V 0.17 AH .Li-ion battery.
  • Air filter: 0.5 µ m.

Main Characteristics

  • Fan with low noise and long life-span.
  • Temperature deviation and over temperature could be amended in front panel directly.
  • A second thermal cut-out function for more safety.
  • Six operating windows.two side access operating windows can be swiveled.
  • Double wall hood and with white LED observe lamp.
  • With two oxygen cylinder and oxygen flow meter.
  • An adjustable height trolley can be optional.

Standard Configurations

  • Main body (including the transparent double hood, control system, infant bed, mattress.skin temperature sensor, two oxygen cylinder, IV pole and observe lamp).

Optional Parts

  • Observe light.
  • Control panel.
  • Trolly (two specifications for option)

Transport & Storage


Each unit is packed in two wooden crate:

  • Size (hood and controller): 985 x 680 x 890(mm) N.W.:62 Kg G.W: 95 Kg.
  • Trolley: 1440 x 645 x 580(mm) or 2080 x 640 x 470( mm) N.W.:28 Kg G.W:58 Kg or N.W.:35 Kg G.W:65 Kg

Transport and Storage

  • Environment Temp: -40°C~+ 55°C
  • Environment Relative Humidity: ≤ 95%
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 500 ~ 1060hPa